The Job Search

Most executives see a candidate with strengths in sales, accounting and production management as only 33% qualified, compared to the candidate who has expertise in just one specialty.

We’re all multifaceted individuals with diverse talents, but emphasizing that on the resume is rarely the best strategy. It’s ironic but employers hire a highly skilled expert, even if they later expect that specialist to tackle a wide range of responsibilities.

On the resume, it’s often effective to combine two closely related specialties, like sales and marketing. However, generic resumes without a clear focus usually result in zero interviews.

When employers see the branding message “Hire me because I’m great at all sorts of things!” they hear “Hire me because I’m not very good at anything!”

Having trouble defining your focus? Many clients say that the Thrive! Resumes process helps them gain valuable insights into their career goals. If you’re totally stuck, we recommend You Science, a statistically valid assessment tool based on state-of-the-art research in the psychology of personality. We also offer You Science coaching sessions, to help you interpret the results.

A Thrive! resume instantly communicates the experience and achievements most relevant to your goals, so prospective employers can easily envision you as a highly prized asset adding value to their company.