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Meet Joni Holderman, your strategic partner in the job search delivering top-notch personal branding, resume strategy and LinkedIn optimization combined with handcrafted excellence in prose writing.

As the Founder and Chief Resume Strategist of Thrive! Resumes, Joni Holderman is a recognized expert in the resume industry. She is a graduate of the esteemed Resume Writing Academy (RWA) who holds the coveted ACRW certification. Joni personally creates every Thrive! resume.

Joni’s dual passions for writing and helping others achieve their professional goals led her to found Thrive! Resumes in 2008. She excels as a strategic partner in the job search. Find her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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Educated at Northwestern University, Joni has earned the coveted ACRW and CPRW resume writing credentials. Her diverse background in human resources, recruiting, sales, business development and management provides a unique 360-degree perspective on the job search. 

Surprisingly, Joni's name has always been pronounced “Johnny”, following the fine Southern tradition of giving boys' names to girls. Joni crafts exceptional career marketing tools that ignite professional growth for clients throughout the US.

Thrive Guides ­from Amazon

With Amelia Polansky, Joni is the author of the forthcoming “Thrive! Guide to LinkedIn” and the “Thrive! Guide to the Job Search” available soon on Amazon. The dynamic duo author the popular Thrive! Guides, a series of how-to books delivering instant answers for smart people in a hurry. Check them out on Amazon!!

Thrive! Resumes and Thrive Guides are divisions of Thrive Write, LLC based in beautiful, unpretentious Myrtle Beach, SC. Contact Joni directly at